Creamy tomatosauce

Pasta…oh how I love that! Me, Raphaël and Bernice are definetely born in the wrong country, because we could eat pasta every day. When I prepare a pasta I always

Linguini with zucchini, italian ham and walnuts

Today I have the best Wednesday-evening recipe ever for you. It’s easy, quick, good and healthy (sort of…) and besides that it’s comfy. And that’s a combination I love! However

Farfalle with spinach and salmon

The best recipes come up unexpected, like this dish. Raphaël, my son, really wanted to eat farfalle, but I didn’t really have ingredients in my kitchen to make a tasty

Farfalle with spinach-ricottasauce

The recipe that I will share with you today is a must try. Believe me, it’s heaven. And it’s healthy as well. Well if you don’t think of the ricotta.