About The Girl


About The Girl

Welcome to my foodblog! My name is Petra. I’m a dutch girl who loves eating, cooking, baking and frying.
On my website I will share my passion for food and everything that has anything to do with food. I’m a chocolate-junkie, addicted to sushi and I have the worst cravings for almost any kind of food. Ohhhhh did I already mention I love food!? Food should be fun, delicious and more or less healthy. Anyway you’ll find a whole bunch of recipes on my site, but also reviews and personal blogs.


I don’t use a theme for my recipes. Ik cook, fry and bake whatever I feel like and will share it with you. Suggestions are more than welcome! Send me an e-mail: info@thegirlcooks.nl or contact me via the contactform.


I’m always curious for new food (related) stuff. That’s why every now and then you will find a review on the blog. Do you want me to write a review about your product? Don’t hesitate, just contact me!

I’m no native English speaker or writer, but I’ll try my very hardest. Please laugh at any sentence that doesn’t make sense at all, be patient with me and notify me when I totally hit the plank wrong (dutch saying for being totally mistaken).